Suitsupply Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign: Rocket Man

  • August 25, 2016
  • Written By Timothy Nguyen

Each season Suitsupply teams up with their photographer Carli Hermes to create campaigns for their upcoming releases. Suitsupply’s Fall/Winter 2016’s theme is “Rocket Man”.

Something-Bespoke-Suitsupply-FW16_13The press release, campaign video and additional photos are after the jump.


Press release from Suitsupply:


Summer 2016— The sky has always stood for hope; a blue span with endless potential. But getting there is hard. We’re a ground-bound species, so it takes courage, and genius, to go where no man has gone before.

To get there, you need precision as finely calculated as a slingshot trajectory to Saturn. Protractor-perfect lines but also a flair; a certain effortless élan that no numbers can calculate. And you need to be the right kind of man, too: an obsessive, a pioneer. Someone who shoots for the stars and gets there without a sweat. Are you up to the task? It’s not rocket science… except when it is.

As humanity sets its sights back to space, to Mars, Pluto and beyond, it’s time to evoke a past when the future was bright and full of wonder. When rockets to the moon were built by brilliant, earthbound men, and reason and quiet brilliance ruled the day.
The mission is infinite —so aim high.

Something-Bespoke-Suitsupply-FW16_12 Something-Bespoke-Suitsupply-FW16_11 Something-Bespoke-Suitsupply-FW16_10 Something-Bespoke-Suitsupply-FW16_9 Something-Bespoke-Suitsupply-FW16_8 Something-Bespoke-Suitsupply-FW16_7 Something-Bespoke-Suitsupply-FW16_6 Something-Bespoke-Suitsupply-FW16_5 Something-Bespoke-Suitsupply-FW16_4 Something-Bespoke-Suitsupply-FW16_3 Something-Bespoke-Suitsupply-FW16_2

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