Suitsupply Made-to-Measure Program: Final Fitting (Part 3 of 3)

  • May 20, 2014
  • Written By Timothy Nguyen

In case you missed it here are links to: Part 1 & Part 2

So it’s finally time to reveal the final product of my Suitsupply “Suit Up” made-to-measure experience.

Suitsupply mtm 3 Cover

Here are the basic jacket options I went with:

  • Roped shoulder
  • 2.75″ notch lapel
  • 2 button coat
  • Double vents
  • Hacking flap pockets
  • Four sleeve buttons

During the initial fitting, we discovered that only a few minor changes needed to be made to the suit. The seat and waist both needed to be let out, and the sleeves of the jacket needed to be let down on the inside to make it look straight. Below are pictures of the final product, however I am actually going to take the jacket back tomorrow to slightly let the waist out. As you can see, it is pulling a tiny bit when buttoned. I am not sure if it is because my shirt is bunching up underneath because of a poor tuck or if I ate too much that day, but I definitely do need to get that fixed.


After seeing the photos I am considering taking the pants back to have them hemmed a little bit shorter as well because I normally prefer a little bit less break.



Below are some additional details I ended up choosing:


2mm pick stiching, a patterned lining & a pink felt collar w/ custom monogramming


I am pretty tired of wearing belts so I went with side tabs and seam pockets to round out a clean look for the trousers. Again please excuse my messy tuck. I was too excited to get everything on that I didn’t really pay attention to the small details. Aditionally, I had the button placement moved about an inch higher than normal and my jacket is ~1.5 inches shorter than the original. When I first approached the idea of getting a made-to-measure suit I really wanted to entertain the option of getting a ticket pocket but was persuaded out of it because it breaks the lines of the jacket which would make me look shorter.  If anyone was wondering, I am 5’6 and 125lbs and what I am always trying to do is make myself appear taller (yes I know it doesn’t help that I am standing next to a 6ft+ tall mannequin.) As you might imagine, I am willing to take any and all advice on how to maximize that. IMG_9882IMG_9926We snacked on  white chocolate, strawberry, and green tea Kit Kats and strawberry Oreo soft cookies during the fitting. I think maybe that’s why there is pulling in the jacket.IMG_9718Since a lot of people are asking me. The shoes I am wearing are Allen Edmonds Park Aves  and the tie is Kent Wang.

Final thoughts:

There are a couple things I wish were different. First, the monogramming on the inside lining of my jacket is barely visible because of the patterned lining. To fix this I think that they should sew a solid colored fabric on top of the lining then do the monogramming on top. Another option I wish I had was different options pant and sleeve linings. There is nothing inherently wrong with going with the basic striped one provided by Suitsupply, but more options is always a nice thing to have.

Overall, I am very pleased with how my suit came out (construction and fabric). Now keep in mind that this is my very first made-to-measure suit, so I cannot compare it against other brands, but if you have a Suitsupply in your city you should definitely step in and check out their selection of fabrics and options. It’s especially worth checking out if you are an odd size like I am or just can’t find that perfect color suit. I must say that now that I have done MTM, it will be very very hard for me to go back to ready-to-wear or off-the-rack suits.

If you have any questions about anything that was not addressed feel free to ask them in the comments below or send me an email.


This concludes the Suitsupply Made-to-Measure series. I will be releasing a review of the MTM shirting in a future post. Thank you for reading my review and again, below are links to the previous installments.

Part 1: Fabrics and Fitting

Part 2: Styling and Personalization

Edit: I dropped the suit off to have it let out slightly at the waist which really helped with the pulling. I might add additional pictures to the post in the near future. Apparently the difference is my posture changed in the photos (which is my natural posture) versus the posture that I had when I tried on the suit.

Special thanks to: Clinton, Made-to-measure specialist of Suitsupply Houston.

Photos courtesy of: Levi Lemaster –

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