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At Something Bespoke, our goal is to deliver high quality reviews, discussions and interviews. We want to create a place where readers could connect with high resolution photos and thorough breakdowns of garments and services. Expect a line-up of interviews, everything from people in the merchandising industry to those that are just plain flat out passionate about fashion.

We have a strong philosophy of only releasing content we believe in so I hope you can join us as the site grows.

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Timothy Nguyen – Publisher/Editor


David Chen – Content Contributor


For inquires feel free to email Tim at: Tim@somethingbespoke.com

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At Something Bespoke we’ve always been about producing the best original content for our readers. When clicking on one of our RewardStyle or other affiliate links to purchase recommended products, a small percentage of that purchase comes back to us. This helps us provide more content that we know you will enjoy. Third party affiliates have no influence in any of our reviews.


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